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Wet Basement Repair

New Jersey Basement Waterproofing - Wet Basement Repair Basement waterproofing refers to techniques used to prevent water from entering the basement of a house or other building. Effective below ground waterproofing will include addressing the drainage & sealers, and foundation repair.

Waterproofing is needed anytime a structure is built at ground level or below ground. Waterproofing and drainage considerations are especially needed in cases where ground water is likely to build up in the soil and raise the water table. This higher water table causes hydrostatic pressure to be exerted underneath the floors and walls of your lower level.

Hydrostatic pressure forces water in through cracks in foundation walls, through openings caused by expansion and contraction of the footing, foundation wall joint, and up through floor cracks. Hydrostatic pressure can cause major structural damage to foundation walls and is likely to contribute to mold, decay and basement flooding.

Water is a common problem in all types of basements - from foundations with poured concrete to stone to block. We have provided installation of drying solutions to thousands of different types of houses! So whether your foundation needs basement wall repair, crawl space waterproofing, or any other kind of wet basement repair, NJ Basement Waterproofing Specialists can provide the solution to the leaking in your lower level.

Fixing a wet basement is not a do-it-yourself project. It takes hard work, and a lot of specialized knowledge, skill, and equipment to get rid of basement flooding. Learn what is causing your basement water problems and how to successfully waterproof your leaky basement. New Jersey Basement Waterproofing can give you a free inspection and estimate to determine the solution to your leaky cellar.

A Dry Basement for Your Home
A dry basement will protect the value of your home investment, as well as enable you to begin a basement remodeling project that can enlarge your storage space and give you additional living space.

Don't settle for a damp or flooded lower level, mold and mildew in your home, or insufficient living space. Let one of our wet basement repair specialists provide you with a free assessment of the issues in your home that are causing basement flooding and the available solutions.

Many homeowners think that having a dry basement is impossible. They accept this damp, musty and moldy area below their house because they believe it's just part of life in New Jersey. How can a room that's underground and surrounded by loose soil not get flooded regularly? The truth is you can have a dry basement in your house and use this extra space to your advantage. With the most advanced technology and waterproofing systems at our disposal, New Jersey Basement Waterproofing Specialists can provide high-quality services for homeowners that are ready for a dry lower level.

Dry basements are possible if the proper drainage systems and sump pumps are installed. Loose soil around a foundation easily allows water to flow through and seep into a basement through the porous concrete walls and floor, so a reliable system is necessary to keep the water out. A dry basement also requires a trustworthy system to pump the water out of the basement and away from the house.

Our specialists can put together a customized solution to address the specific needs of your house and allow you to enjoy the many benefits of having a fully waterproofed lower level. Get in touch with a wet basement repair specialist today for a free estimate, and take the first step toward a newer, dryer home you can be proud of.

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