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Why is My Basement Leaking?

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When your house was constructed and your basement was dug out, land that was compressed for long periods of time was distressed. That soil is generally mostly clay, which does not permit water to percolate through it easily. Instead, water veins develop in the clay soil, encircling the walls of your lower level. After a period of time, the external coating on your basement walls wears away and water settling into the earth from rain forces itself through these walls through lateral pressure.

If the walls in your lower level are constructed of cinder blocks, the water forcing itself against them works its way into the hollow cavities of the blocks. The blocks ultimately fill to a height in which the heaviness of the water pushes itself down to the bottom level of the wall where it meets the ground and the water then enters your basement floor. Most often when water builds up in the clay bowl surrounding your lower level, water that has formerly settled further in the ground under the basement floor begins to build up, also causing the underground water table to rise and push up against that floor by hydrostatic pressure.

This water also seeks release at the point of least resistance, again frequently at the cove base where the walls and ground meet. The consequence is a torrent of water flooding your basement floor, drenching your walls and eroding your foundation. This ground water is extremely acidic and it erodes the concrete, securing your cinder block walls together, causing more leaks and in some cases, crumple. The first time you normally become aware that all this is taking place is when you discover a leaking basement, which if left unattended will turn into full scale basement flooding.

How To Waterproof my Basement
To install an interior subfloor pressure relief system:New Jersey Basement Waterproofing - Leaky Basement Repair NJ

  1. An approximate 12' wide by 10" deep trench will be excavated in the floor along the cove base and according to plan.
  2. The trench will be lined with a filter paper and a 4' peforated subsoil drainpipe will be installed in the trench encased in "drain stone".
  3. In the event of cinder block foundation walls only, weep holes will be drilled into every core and seam of the first course of block to aide in drainage.
  4. The drain pipe is attached to a sump pump system which will discharge the water into a pvc pipe which will go through the foundation wall to the outside.
  5. The weep holes will be covered by a drain core panel which will extend above and below the floor. (6) The trench will then be concreted over flush with the floor.

Speak With a Leaky Basement Repair Specialist
If you are not a "do it yourself" person and this process seems too complicated, there is still no need to settle for water in your basement. If you are like most people, your house is the largest investment you have. The value of your home is too important for you to allow it to be eroded by a basement leak or basement flooding. Many people living in New Jersey believe that a leaking basement is just part of life. That may have been true in the past, but with advanced technologies, NJ Basement Waterproofing Systems can give virtually any home a dry lower level.

Our leaky basement repair specialists have helped thousands of residents in cities throughout New Jersey rid themselves of the water in their basements, giving them extra living and storage space, as well as clearing the way for the lower level remodeling project they've always wanted to do. We can do the same for your home. We have a wide array of waterproofing systems to address the needs of all types of foundations. We can provide you a comprehensive solution including foundation repair, mold removal, sump pump installation, and many other services.

Get in touch with our NJ basement repair specialist today for a free no obligation estimate and find out what we can do to help give you get rid of your leaking basement and put you on the path toward creating the home of your dreams.

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