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If you are feeling the pain of a Flooded Basement in Marlton NJ, you have come to the right place! As expert waterproofing contractors, we have called on hundreds of homeowners with basement water damage in NJ for many years.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Marlton New Jersey Basement Waterproofing One of the biggest issues homeowners in New Jersey face is water in their basement. Moisture in your downstairs level over a sustained period of time can inflict major damage to the foundation of your home, as well as cause problems with mold and mildew, which can be hazardous to your health. The problem for many homeowners is that they live in low-lying areas where moisture and flooding is a recurring problem, and they don't believe there's anything they can do about it. They may have been true several decades ago, but with today's technological breakthroughs, it is no longer the case.

What is Basement Waterproofing?
Many people may not be familiar with the waterproofing a lower level and what it entails. Basement waterproofing actually covers a number of possible techniques depending on what issues you're having with your downstairs level. If you already have water in your basement from a recent flood, then we will pump it out and expel to your home's exterior. If the moisture downstairs has led to mold and mildew, then mold removal might be necessary. Once all the moisture is extracted from your lower level, then we make any repairs necessary to your foundation and waterproof your lower level to prevent the moisture from recurring.

DryMaster - The Marlton, NJ Basement Foundation Repair Specialists You Can Trust
We know that there are many "fly by night" contractors out there, and chances are you've been burned in the past by someone claiming to be able to fix something with your home. At DryMaster, we go above and beyond the other contractors out there. We always provide an honest and fair estimate up front of what our services will cost you. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with our services for any reason, we will go to whatever length necessary to make things right.

Need Mold Removal in Marlton New Jersey
Mold produces different types of allergens and irritants that can cause an allergic reaction, and worse if you are particularly sensitive to and irritated by these invisible substances floating about in the air. In some cases, the mold and/or mildew growth in your lower level can even produce a substance that is toxic, such as a mycotoxin. Molds are found everywhere inside and outside, and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. Molds reproduce by spores, which can be carried by air currents. When these spores land on a moist surface that is suitable for life, they begin to grow. Your DryMaster contractor will first assess your potential mold situation and develop a plan to remove the mold. We employ some of top mold remediation experts in the industry.

Why Does Your Basement Leak?
Wet basements can occur for a number of reasons. It could be holes in the soil, cracks in the foundation, your home being locating in a flood-prone area, unusually heavy rain, sump pump failure, or all of the above. Because there are so many different factors that can contribute to moisture in the lower level, most times it takes an expert to get to the root of the problem and apply the proper solution. Though there are some basic DIY techniques that can be applied, if your downstairs level continues to be wet even after you've tried "everything", then it's time to call in the experts.

You Can Have a Dry Basement Again!
Whatever the cause of your wet basement, it is more than possible to get the water out of your lower level and keep it dry permanently. In fact, with the technology and expertise employed by our Marlton NJ basement waterproofing specialists, your downstairs level will be dry and you can turn that space you once thought useless into a livable area again. Our specialists have decades of experience working on thousands of different basements, and we can restore your lower level into an area that you will be proud of and able to enjoy with your family, friends and neighbors.

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