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Welcome to DryMaster of Livingston, NJ, one of the most trusted names in the basement waterproofing industry. We are a forward thinking company using state of the art technology combined with an underlying commitment to the 100% satisfaction of each and every customer we serve to deliver a solution that can make your lower level livable again, no matter what moisture problems you've had in the past.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Livingston New Jersey Mold Removal When it comes to dealing with a leaky basement, Livingston NJ homeowners often give up on ever using the space in their lower level for anything livable. They just resign themselves to the idea that because their house is situated in an area that is susceptible to basement flooding, they can only use the downstairs level for storing not so important items. While that may have been true in the past, current technology allows us to perform basement sealing on virtually any home and bring it back to a livable condition.

What is would you do with a new basement?
These days, many homeowners are in need of extra living space, but they feel stuck in their present homes. With the housing market slow to recover, upgrading to a larger home is often not a viable option. But the need for additional space often becomes very pressing. A new addition to the family, a new home business being started, whatever the case may be, many families are searching for a way to expand their living space.

What if we could turn your wet basement into several hundred square feet of new livable area? What would you do with it? Would that resolve your need to 'expand your horizons'? Consider the cost of moving to a new home, especially in this market. Just the realtor commissions alone are likely to be far more than the price of waterproofing your basement. In many cases, it might make very good financial sense to consider the basement waterproofing solutions we have to offer at DryMaster.

Basement Foundation Repair: Livingston NJ, the issue is 'foundational'
The number one reason why most homes have moisture in their lower level is cracks in the foundation. Holes in the soil can also be a problem, but foundation cracks are usually the leading cause. At DryMaster, our Livingston NJ basement foundation repair specialists can fix any and all issues with your foundation, sealing up all the cracks in your lower level so you never have to worry about moisture returning again.

After the Basement Sealing: Mold Removal
Once we get the water out of your lower level and seal up all the cracks, there is one more thing to consider; mold removal. Livingston NJ residents should be aware that if they have had moisture in their downstairs level for an extended period of time, then there is a strong likelihood that mold and mildew have taken up residence. This can cause serious breathing problems and be very unhealthy for your family. Our mold and mildew removal process will address this issue and make the air in your lower level breathable, so you can create the basement of your dreams.

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